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Volunteer in Ghana Africa free – well, almost free. All you pay is an all-inclusive upkeep-fee of $645. No other hidden charges. You can volunteer in one or more of the following: teaching, tutoring, childcare, orphanage work, farming, healthcare, micro-business, school administration and more.

Here are the free components: Accommodation and Locality sightseeing.

The $645 fee you pay covers: Airport  pickup, 3 square meals daily and 24/7 in-country support.


I immediately felt like I was in good hands

I loved volunteering at the school. It was a great opportunity to meet kids and to see how education works in Ghana. I liked the fact that the program was laid-back, affordable and flexible in terms of timing, scheduling, etc. What I liked most was the teaching. The kids were so eager to learn and so excited to take part in my lessons … I loved staying after school and learning the girls’ games and showing them some that I used to play. The students were really a joy to work with and made it all very worthwhile. Being picked up at the airport and having a bottle of water purchased for me on the way to the hotel meant a lot – it’s a long journey and I immediately felt like I was in good hands.

Laura Phelps

Thank you for such a wonderful experience

I miss Ghana and the kids!!!!! I can’t believe I’m already back home and back to my crazy work schedule. My flight arrived safely, and I have just been getting back into the routine here at home. You, Wisdom Community School and Ghana have been such a blessing to me and I will always cherish and appreciate my time there. Thank you for making it so memorable and impacting. How are things for you? I can’t believe it is April already! In a few more months you will have the rush of summertime volunteers! Keep in touch, and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for everything, Sincerely

Briana Weeger
San Juan Capistrano

An absolutely fantastic experience

An absolutely fantastic experience

First of all, this month had been one of the most incredible in my whole life. I was very lucky as everything went more than fine. I loved my school, the people I was working with and obviously the kids of my class. My host family was absolutely brilliant, supportive and caring. I couldn’t dream of a best month to go by.

Aline Marty