Heshbon’s Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization designed to help orphans, needy, destitute and disable children to eradicate poverty, child labor, social vices and to promote individual, societal and global change.

This project was established to help provide shelter, health care, food, clothing and quality education to over 100 orphans and street children at Senya Beraku and its environs who are Ghanaian children under Heshbon’s Foundation helping them in any other ways they might need in order to start living self-sufficient.

A center was opened for this core since the foundation inception 2014.

This project also meant to call for volunteers to our community to make holistic research findings out problems facing poor children and the environment they are living in other communities and they can be solved.


Senya Beraku is a fishing community in the Awutu-Senya West District in the Central Region of Ghana with a population of about 15,000.

The community by virtue of its location has the only dominant economic activity being farming and fishing.

About 70% of the inhabitants are engaged in fishing with the rest relying on white collar jobs available and other income generating activities such as petty trading, masonry, and carpentry.

Over the years, unfavorable conditions of operation in the major economic activities which is fishing and farming have had decreasing effect on the levels of income and this has greatly affected education and standard of living in the community.

A survey undertook in recent past revealed a continuous cases of school drop outs of children and teenage pregnancy among the girl child due to hardship and poverty among the people in the community, region and country been the major factor. This is really having negative impact in the education of children in the community. Due to these factors, families prefer to engage their children in the dominant economic activities than educating. Some parents even prefer giving out their children on a contractual bases to other people in the fishing communities in the Volta region of Ghana such as ‘Yeji’, ‘Yepe’ etc. for child labor in other for them to feed the rest of their families because it’s difficult to even have two (2) square meals a day and even if one meal is afforded the nutritional value is questionable.

1. Improving and sustaining the education for the orphans and the less privilege.

2. To provide quality health care for the orphans, needy and destitute children.

3.Identify and initiate income generating activities to empower the
financial standings of poor rural women, single parents and school dropouts to enable them become more responsible.

4. To provide a residential facility for our orphan and the less
privilege children

5.To create awareness and dangers of HIV/AIDS, Malaria etc., prevention and management.

6. Acting as a common voice of trafficked, child abuse and teenage pregnancy.

To provide equal share of shelter, education, health care and clothing to the orphan, needy and the disable children.

To become a well-recognized foundation for raising, training, transforming and instilling growth of hope to the orphan and the less privileged.


The foundation (HF) has come into existence with the orphans, needy and the less privilege children in mind as our passion to see children develop in every aspect of life been it education, health care and poverty good shelter.

As our motto: ‘Reaching hearts, Touching lives’. It’s our passion to see these children under our care and support them achieve greater hope in life and also guide and dissect them to achieve their aims and goals in life and our society.

We therefore plead for support of all philanthropists, corporate bodies and other individuals to have HF at heart and let us partner to give hope to the less privileged in our society.

Our major objectives is to curtail the rampant cases of child labor and trafficking, abuse of children right and teenage pregnancy among our children especially the teenage girls whom we all fighting for equal rights and privilege in our society but later see them ending up killing their dreams becoming the next generation of our beloved country Ghana and responsible citizens.

All these cases are seen to be rampant in our society and still a problem to the country due the master planner ‘poverty’ which is the cause of all the problems we are experiencing among our beloved future generation leaders of these countries and the world.

HF have taken it upon itself and calling for the support of all to help us deal with poverty by way providing quality education to all children regardless of their situation as orphans, needy and their poor background.

We are also aim to providing better shelter, health care and also empowering the women rated as the highest on the poverty line through skilled training and providing them with working capital to be able to engage them in something to support their families.


1.We request for individuals, corporate bodies to support us with food to feed these children.

2. We request for individuals, corporate bodies to support us with education materials for these children.

Examples: books, learning materials, apparel, school bags, clothing etc.

3. We request for individuals, corporate bodies to support us to register these children under National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to help them access health care all the time.

4. We request for individuals, corporate bodies to us in payment of these children school fees.

5. We request some plot of land at a sound environment to put up a better and modern school structure to roof these poor children.


Currently, the center we use for teaching the children building are rented facilities own a family currently asking us to vacate property and for that matter we are praying and looking forward to get
financial support from volunteers, individuals and corporate bodies for purchasing a land sized for a center, building materials to build a six(6) classroom block for the children etc.

To achieve the full benefits of this projects and bring out the best in these children into the education net, we are asking help from your institution, group, members or individuals to enable us improve the
lives of the less privileged which is our main goal and objectives.

Volunteers, donors or sponsors to give a helping hand and professional at site so that we can accommodate all the children into one place.

We seek for volunteers, family volunteers and group volunteers who would like to support us financially and also interested to come and help manually at the site when the project begins.

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