Volunteer for one week or more at one of our Homes for orphaned and abandoned kids here in Ghana Africa. There are many areas where you can help.  

About the Homes

We have two participating Homes.

1 The first one is located in the town of Bawjiasi in the Central Region of Ghana — just 90 minutes drive north-west of Accra, Ghana’s capital city. It was founded in the year 2007 by a local pastor who saw the plight of abandoned and orphaned children in his community.

2 The second Home is located at Senya Beraku in the Central Region of Ghana. It is managed by Heshbon Foundation, a community non-profit.  

The program

Volunteering in an orphanage presents opportunities to help in many diverse ways. You can help with:

  • Helping with preparing and serving their meals
  • Assisting the kids to do their home work
  • Playing games like soccer, volleyball, athletics, basketball as well as the indigenous games with the children
  • Just talking with, and showing love and appreciation to the kids

School closes by 14.30 hours, so play time starts from then all the way till about 17.30 when the kids have to go have their bath and get ready for dinner. Soccer is a very popular sport that most Ghanaian boys love to play.   To top

Accommodation and food

  • Volunteers’ accommodation: Volunteers are housed in a dedicated house for only volunteers (and a caretaker and security man). The Volunteer House (VH) has separate rooms for males and females – each with two single beds.
  • Volunteers’ meals: Volunteers are served breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. These meals are served in a common eating area (see picture) a variety of local and western fare is served. We cater for all types of vegetarians – as there is plenteous supply of fruits and vegetables.
  • Internet and cell phone connectivity: Both the Volunteer House and orphanage have good cellular and WiFi connectivity. Volunteers are able to call their home countries direct on local phones (International Direct Dialing – IDD), and access the internet on laptops, tablets or smartphones via any of the local telecoms companies.
  • A typical day for a volunteer: Wake up at 6.30; bath. Breakfast at 7.30; set-off to orphanage at 8.00. Work in your chosen area till 11.30. Ten minute walk back to the Volunteer House for lunch. Lunch over by 13.00; 13.30 set off for orphanage again. Work as needed. Supper back at the VH at 18.00.
  • Length of volunteering work: The minimum volunteering duration is 1 week and the maximum is 8 weeks.   To top

Program fee

We have the most affordable program fees for our standards. You wouldn’t want to be miserable in a foreign country just because you went for the cheapest ‘bargain’, would you?

Duration Fee ($)
1 week 200
2 weeks 300
3 weeks 400
4 weeks 500
6 weeks 700
8 weeks 900
Application Fee: $45

Fee takes care of the following

  1. Administration and pre-arrival support
  2. Airport pickup
  3. Transfer to placement
  4. Orientation and familiarization
  5. Accommodation near placement
  6. Donation to the home
  7. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  8. 24/7 in-country support
  9. Certificate of participation

Not included

  • Flights and Insurance
  • Visas
  • Personal expenses like bottled water and entertainment

Optional Extras

  • Traditional drumming and dance lessons
  • Ghana exploration tours
  • Airport drop-off   To top


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